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Getting Your Child
Ready for School.

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danbury school kindergarten

Kindergarten Here I Come.
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How do I choose a
quality program for my child?

Visit the program and look for:

• Adults who help your child feel good about him or herself (by offering praise, having one-on-one time).

• Adults who are warm, nurturing and show a
sense of humor.

• Materials that will encourage your child to develop a variety of skills: puzzles, blocks, paints, dolls, magnets, shape sorters, books.

• Many opportunities throughout the day for literacy activities: story time, book area, pencils, crayons, paper.

• An atmosphere where children are busy and actively playing. Children learn by doing.

• Safe, clean, bright and exciting indoor and
outdoor play areas.

• Teachers who have education and experience
working with young children.

• Opportunities for families to share their ideas,
suggestions and concerns.

Finding a quality program may take time but it is well worth it. Remember, quality programs for young children help them to become successful learners throughout life!

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