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What is a School
Readiness Program?

A School Readiness Program helps prepare children for school. School Readiness providers offer quality early childhood programs that are accessible and affordable. A variety of activities are designed to meet the needs of your child, and the program offers parent information and support to meet the needs of families.

Who is eligible for enrollment?

All children who are pre-school aged (3-5) and reside in Danbury. Children of ALL stages and developmental abilities, including special needs, are eligible at all programs.

What types of programs
are available?

There are two types of care available: full-time and part-time. Both option sare 5 day a week programs. The full-time programs are offered year round, full day (up to 10 hours), Monday through Friday. The part-time programs offer 2.5 hours per day, 5 days per week, school year only.

Are the programs only
for low income families?

No. The School Readiness Programs must spend 60% of their funds on low income children. The remaining 40% can be spent on any child who is a Danbury preschooler.

Is there a cost?
A sliding fee scale based on family size and income is used by all funded programs to determine weekly cost to families.

I don't speak English.
Who will I talk to about my child?

Most programs have bilingual staff members.

Why should I send my child to a School Readiness Program?
Children benefit from preschool education and experiences. It gives them an early start for school success.

Can Non-Danbury Residents Apply for School Readiness Spaces?
Yes. We can take a limited number of four year olds if there are openings after july 1st. Call the centers to check on availability.

Who can I get more information?
By contacting EdAdvance at 791-1904 ext 1160.

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